Andrew Dodd

Award-winning MTB fanatic

Doddy (Andrew Dodd) has spent 16 years immersed in mountain biking media. He’s an all-round MTB fanatic who loves nothing more than a solo ride in the countryside.

His distinct passion for bike technology has led him to ride trails all over the planet, documenting influential riders along the way including Canadian Freeride icon Wade Simmons, Global Trials and Adventure rider Hans Rey and the UK-born World Cup champions Gee and Rachel Atherton.

With the new wave of E Bikes hitting the MTB market Doddy couldn't wait to get stuck into this new world of tech.

"E Bikes allow you to climb further and higher than before - regardless of fitness, they are a leveller between all riders. Don't go thinking an E Bike ride is easy. If you come back absolutely wrecked you are doing it right!"