E Mountain Bike Batteries Explained | EMBN's E-Bike Fundamentals Part 2

Published on February 19th 2018


Here's everything you need to know about the batteries that come on your E Mountain Bikes. We're covering all brands and styles in this video and are looking into everything from weights to watt hours, power output to waterproofing...with a bonus section on getting the most from your charge at the end! Which one do you ride? 👇 Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and share this video! http://embn.me/subscribenow We cover the following systems: - Specialized - Shimano Steps - Brose - Bosch - Yamaha - Rocky Mountain Don't forget to share this video and let us know your thoughts down in the comments. Help get the word about e-mtb out there by translating this video 👉 http://embn.me/1i you can support us by checking out the EMBN Shop: http://embn.me/1j The Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN) is dedicated to igniting your passion for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) by taking your riding further, faster and further than ever before. EMBN is dedicated solely to covering eMTB from every angle: from demystifying electric mountain biking, to inspiring you to go electric, helping you understand what you need, where and how to ride, and how to get the best from your eMTB experience. Every week, of every month we bring you videos on... The know-how… The skills… The tech… The inspiration… ...to go faster and explore more! EMBN is mountain biking… fully charged: the same thrilling freedom – only faster, going further, and more liberating than ever before. Join the EMBN community: Facebook: http://embn.me/facebook Instagram: http://embn.me/instagram Twitter: http://embn.me/embntwitter Thanks to our sponsors: Specialized: http://embn.me/specialized DT Swiss: http://embn.me/dtswiss Haibike: http://embn.me/haibike POC: http://embn.me/poc WD40: http://embn.me/wd4