New EMBN Presenter & Shimano Steps E7000! | EMBN Show Ep. 27

Published on July 4th 2018


That's right! A very warm welcome to Chris Smith who joins our presenting team to help out with all things off road! With a wealth of experience in everything from E-biking and freeriding to dirt jumping and trail building, Chris will be lending a hand on both electric and conventional Mountain Bike Networks! In Chris' first show, we've got a quick look at the new Trek Powerfly as ridden by Alberto Contador! We're talking to Simon, a veteran mountain biker who's We've also got an exclusive on Shimano's brand new E7000 E-bike system aimed at the recreational rider. Subscribe: Our shop: Also on this weeks show, we've got plenty of E-bikes to add to the vault and a good bit of ghetto tech...but we're missing an Epic Climb! If you've summited an incredible climb on your E-bike (or have great content for any other part of the show), send it in to to submit it for the show! If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 More videos... Check out the E-Trip here: 📹 The Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN) is dedicated to igniting your passion for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) by taking your riding further, faster and further than ever before. EMBN is dedicated solely to covering eMTB from every angle: from demystifying electric mountain biking, to inspiring you to go electric, helping you understand what you need, where and how to ride, and how to get the best from your eMTB experience. Every week, of every month we bring you videos on... The know-how… The skills… The tech… The inspiration… go faster and explore more! EMBN is mountain biking… fully charged: the same thrilling freedom – only faster, going further, and more liberating than ever before. Join the EMBN community: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks to our sponsors: Specialized: DT Swiss: Haibike: POC: WD40: Ergon: