Neil Donoghue

Former UK Gravity Enduro champion and World Cup downhill racer

From racing Downhill World Cups to winning the UK Gravity Enduro series, Neil Donoghue has been at the top of the MTB game for a long time.

A pro downhill racer of 14 years, 'Donny' is one of the strongest all-round riders out there. He’s raced across the globe at the very highest level for almost a decade. During his career he established himself as a competitive and stylish flat pedal thunderer as well as an Enduro champ. But luckily for Neil, just as he thought he had done everything MTB had to offer, E Bikes burst on to the scene.

"As a lifelong MTB rider ebikes have refreshed my love for riding the trails that are out back and beyond. In the past it's taken a lot of effort or uplifts to get the best trails". Riding E Bikes allows Neil to go further, faster and longer than ever before.