The History & Development Of The E Mountain Bike

Published on December 28th 2018


Steve takes a close look at the history of the E Bike, from the humble origins of prototype E Bikes in the 1800s to the development of a specific E mountain bike in the 21st century and the explosion of development which has since been driven by high sales in continental Europe. Subscribe: Our shop: E Mountain Biking is still a relatively young sport, with engineering, design and assembly gaining pace step by step every year. This means that a lot of the history of E-MTB specifically is fairly recent, with brands such as Haibike and Moustache leading the charge. Join Steve for a walk around the historic streets of Bath and some more ponderings on the origins of the E bike. If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link šŸ‘ More videos... Rediscover Adventure with Steve:šŸ“¹ Submit your content here: The Electric Mountain Bike Network (EMBN) is dedicated to igniting your passion for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) by taking your riding further, faster and further than ever before. EMBN is dedicated solely to covering eMTB from every angle: from demystifying electric mountain biking, to inspiring you to go electric, helping you understand what you need, where and how to ride, and how to get the best from your eMTB experience. Every week, of every month we bring you videos on... The know-howā€¦ The skillsā€¦ The techā€¦ The inspirationā€¦ go faster and explore more! EMBN is mountain bikingā€¦ fully charged: the same thrilling freedom ā€“ only faster, going further, and more liberating than ever before. Join the EMBN community: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks to our sponsors: Specialized: Haibike: Canyon: DT Swiss: POC: WD40: Ergon: crankbrothers: Maxxis: Park Tool: